DARTHROPLASTY – Practical Training – Wet Labs

Feb 7, 2017

DARTHROPLASTY – Practical Training – Wet Labs 
6th of May 2016 – Warsaw, Poland.


Legwet Veterinary Clinic, Centro de Cirurgia Veterinária de Loures and KK-Art invites you to a practical training which will be held on
6th of May 2017, in Warsaw – Poland.


The training will be divided into two parts:

Saturday – 6th of May 2017
1. Hip Dysplasia – General overview (etiopathogenesis, pathology, clinical spectrum).
2. History of Shelf acetabuloplasties in human and veterinary medicine.
3. Dr. Rafael Lourenço’s case selection and case studies.
4. Modified Slocum’s Darthroplasty. Overview of the technique; indications, results and complications.

Wet-labs with guidance – each participant will execute each step of the technique in a canine cadaver.


Workshop will be guided by:
Rafael Lourenço –
Starts his clinical activity in 1999 and begins specific studies in veterinary surgery in 2000. In 2002 starts to collaborate with multiple veterinary clinics in the field of veterinary surgery (exclusively since 2004) with special focus on traumatology and orthopedic surgery. In 2008 initiates the Loures Veterinary Surgical Center project, working exclusively in the field of veterinary surgery on a referral basis. Starts using Slocum’s Darthroplasty in 2004 introducing modifications of the original technique along the years and observing it’s results in several hundred cases.

Krzysztof Zdeb –
Graduated from Warsaw School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, In 2004-2010 worked at Surgery Department, perfecting clinical skills. 2004-2013 worked for several practices as a consultant in surgery and orthopedics. Cofounder of Legwet in 2013, focused especially on surgery and traumatology. Recognized surgery specialist.

More information about the DARthroplasty procedure here:


Wet-labs will be held in CEMED ( in Warsaw, Poland.


Total cost of participation is 440 Euro per person and it includes lectures and wet-labs, coffee breaks, lunch, written materials.
All participants will be given certificates after finishing the course.
Quotes don’t include VAT. The workshops aren’t taxed with VAT.

Number of participants is limited (16 max).
Fully filled application form and paid participation fee are necessary to guarantee your booking.

To obtain the Application Form,
or if you have any questions, please contact: