clinical cases


Jun 17, 2013

Female Belgian Shepherd Dog, 6 and a half months old.
Hip dysplasia with severe subluxation causing serious locomotion problems.


1 – Croup

hip dysplasiaLooking at the croup region whe note the severe hip subluxation.
The great trochanter of both femures stand out laterally.

The locomotion problems can be seen in these 2 videos.

2 – Acetabuloplasty

hip dysplasiaThis x-ray picture was taken immediately after surgery.
We see the serious subluxation and the bone grafts over the femoral heads.

3 – Acetabuloplasty

darthroplastyThe real acetabuli are filled with new tissue and the grafts consolidated over the femoral heads
are the new suporting structures 5 months after surgery. By this time “Nina” reaches adult size.

We have 2 videos of Nina’s evolution

4 – Craniocaudal view

hipForm of the graft after maturation.

5 – CT Scan 1 year after surgery

CT scan1 year after surgery Nina exercises with no limitations.
There is no sign of disconfort on hip manipulation.

6 – CT Scan

3D CT scan darthroplasty3D reconstruction.

Video 30 months after surgery.